Celebrities and their dogs

Celebrities and their dogsEverybody love pets especially it is a trend now of keeping dog as pet. Dog is a faithful animal and look so beautiful to keep it. Celebrities are not different from other people. They also love to have pet dogs. Sure, a lot of their dogs may be pint sized pit squeaks which look to act as a fashion accessory than to a friend.

But they love their dogs and there are some celebrities who are really dog lovers and their dogs are their true friend such as Boxers and Labs. A number of celebrities have actual mutts too that is superb since a lot of most likely came from protections. The life of a celebrity dog is very glamorous same like the life of his owner. It means that celebrities and their dogs live a stunning live. It is a common thing that dogs want to be with their masters as much as achievable and there is no need to be a star to obtain the unrestricted love they give.

Celebrities keep their dogs with them at all the time because without their pets their life can be very lonely. When they are away from their home for filming a movie or they are on the road for a trip, they must keep their dog with them. Celebrities and their dogs is good friend of each other that is why celebrity’s dogs are always with them wherever they are. Check out some celebrities and their dogs that how their dogs are good friend of them.

Drew Barrymore’s dog save him and his fiancé Tom Green when their house was on fire. His dog woke up them and alerts them about fire. They all runaway unharmed and it was possible due to their dog. Another celebrity Fred Durst also keeps his bulldog with him in his every tour.