Moon sign tables

moon sign tableEach one of us has her/his own moon sign i.e. the sign of zodiac where the moon was at the time of their birth. A precise moon sign table can tell the zodiac sign in which your moon falls. This is of great help when you have to plan any important event of your life. Before you move further, it is essential to know your moon placement. The process to know your moon sign is not at difficult, it just need your birth year and the birth day. If you do not know the time of your birth, do not worry, birth time is not so important in this calculation. But knowing the birth time is definitely good. This is because of the fact that moon changes its time anytime and as such knowing the birth time will give assured accurate placement.

After you have known your moon sign table, you can learn more from the moon sign table available in the http://moonsign.today/. Your moon sign holds an importance place on your emotional side. To find moon sign from the moon sign table go to the month of your birth followed by scrolling down the column of year you were born. This number gives you the date of new moon in the month you were born. From this date of new moon, count forward up to the date of your birth. This gives you your moon age at the time of birth.

There are many different ways of using a moon sign table. It is most often used in planning the special days like parties, wedding, spiritual ceremonies etc. a moon sign table is also used to understand astrological chart of an individual. An accurate moon sign table can deliver an unmatched level of aesthetic precision. You can download an accurate moon sign table from internet and use it for various purposes. Learn what your moon sign says about you to lead a happier, much more harmony and life full of positivity.