Origin of saturn ring possibly found by cassini

saturn-ringsSaturn has always been a mysterious planet, thanks to the rings that form the outer surface of the planet. But the researchers have found the source for the most mysterious ring of the lot, the G ring. The reason for the formation of the G ring is likely to be the large ice particles that are present in the inner edge of the planet. The particles that are present in the arc structure are confined to the region because of the gravitational pull exerted by the Moon of the planet. The micrometeoroids present in the planet collide with these particles causing many small dust particles that are responsible for the brightness of the arc.

The magnetic field of the planet contains plasma which drags out the particles from this arc, resulting in the formation of G ring around the planet. The observations play an important role in the future course of actions on the observation of other rings of the planet. The study was made by Cassini and the findings were released in the journal science issue. The images taken by the cameras point the direction of movement of the arc and the current position of the arc. The measurements of plasma and dust particles give the scientists, a better picture of the materials present there.

The other rings present in the planet are D, C, B, A, F, G and E. They are named so based on the order in which they were found and the rings mentioned above are from the outward view of the planet. Of the various rings, A, B, and C are considered as the three major rings and G and E are the outermost rings to the major rings. There are lot more to explore about these mysterious rings.