Signs of hearing loss

hearing lossHearing loss can develop gradually and can become severe before anyone realizes what's happening.

Early recognition is important in getting treatment for the hearing impaired person before the loss interferes with their lifestyle. If you or a loved one displays any of these signs of hearing loss, you should have your hearing evaluated by a hearing health professional.

Live chat session from space

spaceThe high school students of Riverside Preparatory Academy in Oro Grande, California experienced a completely different chat session for the first time in their life. They had the opportunity to chat live with the crew members of the international space station and the session went on live directly from the space.

Celebrities and their dogs

Celebrities and their dogsEverybody love pets especially it is a trend now of keeping dog as pet. Dog is a faithful animal and look so beautiful to keep it. Celebrities are not different from other people. They also love to have pet dogs. Sure, a lot of their dogs may be pint sized pit squeaks which look to act as a fashion accessory than to a friend.